Roo is a social networking app for traveling professionals that is free, beautifully designed, and available to anyone with a LinkedIn account.


Dominic has been building software for over 10 years. In 2008 he co-wrote an XBox game that won the PAX10 Top 10 Indie Games of the Year and demo’d at the PAX festival with 70,000 attendees. From 2009-2012 he wrote mobile and web intelligence applications for US Military. Since then he has moved on to leading an elite skunkworks group of Software Engineers in emerging technologies at Lockheed Martin. He also serves on ACM’s PDC Board and the Board of several startups.

Dominic Holt

Designer & Developer

Dave is a consumate software engineer, Cloud aficionado, Lean Startup devotee, and avid runner. Dave reaches out to the Roo community for feedback to produce the insights that will make Roo the perfect application to connect traveling professionals. David Chou

Customer Advocacy

Ingemar has a background in Aerospace & Software Engineering and manages a team of software engineers at Lockheed Martin building radio simulation software. He likes to create elegant solutions to hard math, algorithms, and architecture problems with high-performance teams. Ingemar Flores

Sales & Partnerships

Andrew is a former airline pilot with a business background and financial acumen who has a successful track record starting tech companies.

Andrew Tebsherani

Business Development & Finance

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